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Mediumship Soul to Soul Session 

 This session combines a mediumship and a soul-to-soul session. I have found combining these sessions allows for those to reach you from the other side and for you to also receive information and new perspective regarding your own life. As the session flows I will be guiding you through where the information is coming from, your loved ones or psychically so you have an understanding of life after death and your own soul. 


For the mediumship part of the session, I will bring through your loved ones in a safe and loving environment.  I will make connections with those on the other side and deliver validating evidence along with their messages to you. 

 Please know during a session, I do not have control over who comes through although we always try and connect with your loved one that you have come to connect with first.  It could be your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and other associates. I always joke that this work is not like "Dial a Spirit"-- but, it would be easy and great if it were! One of the questions I receive is why, for instance, your neighbor will want to come and talk with you instead of your Mom?  That is a question only they know on the other side. It is my belief that those on the other side have lovingly orchestrated the perfect meeting and loved one to be with you for your highest good at this time in your life.

  One of the main reasons for mediumship is to prove the existence of life after death and through validating evidence, that is exactly what's happening during your session. Many times a session is very emotionally healing for not only you but also for your loved ones on the other side. It truly is a beautiful process.

For the soul to soul part of the session we will be looking at where you are in the present with your life, job, relationships, health spiritual path, etc. and learning to appreciate what has happened to you in the past. I do this by connecting and listening to your own soul. This coaching is also to help you to attune to your own soul and learn to receive the information from within yourself. 

Please note mediumship sessions are being booked out about a month. 

Sessions can be booked for 30min or 1 hour in person at the Longmont, Co office or over Zoom or by phone.

Cost: 1 hour $165

Financial Hardship

I discount my fees for people who are experiencing financial hardship. I ask that you search within, consider where you are at and propose a fee that you are comfortable with and that you feel is appropriate. 

Financial Abundance

If you are experiencing financial abundance I accept with grace and gratitude any fees paid over my normal rates. It's always such a blessing and surprise. Also, I happily accept donations to help cover those who are receiving sessions on a hardship scale.  

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